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Text Editor or IDE

May 22, 2013

There are many Text Editor/IDE available where you can script for Ruby-Watir. Try using a few editor/IDE by yourself and seeing which one you like the best because what any particular person wants from an editor varies broadly. I recommend not to use simple notepad, there are much better free source code Editors/IDE available out there. Scripting in notepad and run from the command prompt is not something convenient.

If you are a beginner then SCiTE would be your favorite.  It is a good, light-weight text editor and supports both windows and Linux. At previous it was bundled along with the Ruby oneclick installer but later it has been removed not to dictate the editor’s choice for the user. You can download it from here

Another easy-to-use text editor is sublime. Though it has a very simple and clean look, it has some killer features that makes scripting easier and attractive. It remembers the words you have already typed, suggests and auto-completes them. It also provides syntax highlighting(though that is not very rich but better than the other text editors). Visit to know more about this editor and download it.


Alternatively you can use TestWise IDE which is a very good functional testing tool. One of its cool features is that it provides the support of running a test case as well as the entire test file. It has syntax validation and code auto-complete suggestion features. Though it comes up with a recorder but I would not encourage to record tests as that is hard to maintain and generate later. 

These are only some guidelines of Editors/IDEs that a user could start with. You will find more Text Editors/IDEs upon searching on Internet. Choose yours and start writing code to automate your web application!


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